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Make an Impact

We wouldn’t be able to run U.S. Women and Cuba Collaboration without the generous contributions from donors across the globe. Your support has the power to immediately make a difference. We use your donations toward our mission goal of building a strong women's movement dedicated to mutually beneficial US–Cuba relations.  We strongly support freedom of travel to Cuba and an end to the US economic blockade of Cuba.

Your donations help fund:


  • Speaking tour expenses (travel and per diem) for Cuban women visitors to the US; scholarships for low income women to travel and participate in events and conferences that educate about US–Cuba relations; and the development of educational materials about the reality of Cuban women's lives and needed changes to US–Cuba relations for distribution at organizational events and conferences.


  • Please help us fund future Speaking Tours for Cuban women to speak for themselves in the U.S. In 2015 we co-sponsored with WILPF a speaking tour for Norma Vasallo, PhD, Chair of Women Studies, University of Havana to visit and speak in six US cities. In 2016 we plan to bring Cuban Literacy Museum Director, Luisa Campos, and LGBT Activist, Isel Calzadilla.

  • We require the voices of diverse women in our work and so we fund low income women for travel and participation in events and conferences that educate about US–Cuba relations, including scholarships for travel with our delegations to Cuba. Please support this foundational principle of our work.


We are a non-profit organization with a volunteer staff and your tax-deductible donations, however large or small, mean a great deal to help us realize the goals of our Campaigns.  Please browse the pages of our website to learn more about our work and please consider sending a tax-deductible check to support our work.

Thank you!

Special thanks to the Center For Action Research in Princeton, New Jersey for being the Collaboration's fiscal sponsor from 2001 to 2015. We have enjoyed and appreciated our long association with them.

We are delighted to announce that LELO (Legacy of Equality, Leadership & Organizing) is the Collaboration's new fiscal sponsor!

LELO is a 501c3 nonprofit organization led by workers. They have been organizing in Seattle for racial and economic justice workers' rights for more than 44 years. Their social change strategy is local organizing, with an emphasis on political education and solidarity networks with workers across all borders.

Your tax deductible donations may be made via checks written to LELO and mailed to the address below.

Please be sure to write "US Women & Cuba Collaboration" on the memo line of your check.

(US Women & Cuba Collaboration Project)
P.O. Box 28489
Seattle WA 98118

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