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It is a country we know well and love fiercely. We are a small not-for-profit women's organization dedicated to coalition-building with women in Cuba that fosters inclusive and progressive women's movements and networks for justice, real security and women's rights. 

We work to educate US citizens about the realities of Cuban women's lives, from the hardships of the US economic blockade to Cuba's inspiring systems of social process and support. We work with Marazul Charters to arrange our trips; they are a US-licensed Travel Service Provider and they have been sending people to Cuba since 1979 with great thoughtfulness and proficiency.

For over a decade, the US Women and Cuba Collaboration has been facilitating research-oriented delegations in Cuba. We are uniquely qualified to be your travel leaders because we have forged strong relationships with women and organizations in Cuban leadership and as a result we are able to offer our delegations exceptional opportunities for learning, conversation, and reflection about this remarkable country.

"I do not have adequate words to express how truly and deeply I have been impacted by our trip together. I have found a new passion and I hope to dedicate much of my energy as an activist and an academic to keeping that passion growing in myself and others. I hope to share Cuba with you again very soon."

-Kristin Alder, UN Representative for US WILPF, Adjunct Professor at University of North Texas,  No 2013 Delegation

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