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"From Cuba With Love," Photographic Art by Lissa Barber
June 4-August 31, 2015
The Gallery at Zoot Enterprises, Bozeman, MT

Lissa Barber, twice a member of a US Women and Cuba Collaboration delegation, brings her training as a portrait photographer, as well as her journalism education and, finally, her appreciation for fine photojournalism into her "street photography" approach to the images in her exhibit "From Cuba with Love." Her images portray the people and places in Cuba that she encountered in her two recent visits to the country. This art show also includes "Engaging Cuba" by Bozemen photographer Jelani Mahiri.

US Women & Cuba Collaboration Delegation
Delegation Dates: August 28-September 11, 2015
       "The Cuban Revolution: Its History and Present Day Transformation"

       This delegation is fully booked and has a waiting list. For information
      on possible wait list positions, please email

This co-ed delegation is a customized tour organized by US Women and Cuba Collaboration leader and cofounder, Cindy Domingo. Beginning on August 28 in Miami, the delegation will travel to Havana for three days and then proceed by bus to eastern Cuba, studying the history of the Cuban revolution and the current social and economic transformations occurring in Cuba now. The delegation will stop at historical sites and meet with people and organizations in Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Camaguey, Bayamo, Santo Domingo/Sierra Maestras, Baracoa and Santiago.
Delegation Flyer

2015 US Women's Delegation to Cuba!
Delegation Dates: November 13-22, 2015
      "Advancing Women's Human Rights,
      Racial Justice and Community Development"


This Women's Delegation to Cuba, traveling to Santiago de Cuba and Havana from November 13-22, is fully booked and now has a waiting list.
Delegation details and application are below and US women are welcome to apply, but we cannot guarantee openings for this year. Any questions can be directed to Nataka Moore and Jan Strout, 2015 Delegation co-leaders, at 2015delegation@gmail.com.

Given the dramatic new commitment to restored diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, we are so excited to be leading this Delegation to Advance Women's Human Rights, Racial Justice and Community Development in Cuba. This delegation will give us an early look at how women and all Cubans are experiencing the impacts of these changes. We are seeking US women with a diverse array of experiences to join us for a delegation that will allow you to explore ideas and projects in your respective area of interests, field or professional arena with Cuban women counterparts.
Flyer With Details
Application Form
Marazul Travel Advice
Kim Klein: Grassroots Fundraising

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