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U.S. Women & Cuba Collaboration Delegation
Wednesday, November 19, 2014, 6:15pm
University of Washington School of Social Work, Room 305

The U.S. Women and Cuba Collaboration's 2014 Delegation traveled to Cuba this year to explore political, social, and economic developments. Delegation members will report on what they learned and how the visit to Cuba impacted their understanding of the Cuban people, their culture, and their way of life. Learn about our work with lesbian leadership in Cuba and our upcoming activities as well as current perspectives on the U.S. embargo against Cuba and potential strategies for addressing the impacts of U.S. policies. Sponsor: University of Washington School of Social Work. Co-sponsors: UW School of Social Work Community Centered Integrative Practice, UW Women's Center, UW Comparative History of Ideas Department.
Read Individual Delegate Reflections Here
Read Delegation Agenda Highlights Here
Delegation Overview and Photos

Actress Laura de la Uz Visits Towson University

The renowned actress Laura de la Uz of Havana, Cuba, will visit Towson University during the third week of November 2014. She will speak with university classes, participate in a community forum, and screen her most recent film, La pelicula de Ana, directed by the late Daniel D’az Torres. This screening is promoted by the Cuban Institute of Film Arts and Industries (ICAIC) as part of its 55th anniversary, and the visit is supported by Towson University and the ICAIC, and co-sponsored by the US Women and Cuba Collaboration. For more information, see:
Laura de la Uz Bio

Gloria Rolando Tours the US Fall 2014
Filmmaker Gloria Rolando's Fall 2014 Tour will visit US cities from coast to coast. For more information about hosting and other issues, see

ARTWOMAN: 1st International Festival of Women Artists
Havana, Cuba, December 12-14, 2014

Artwoman is a multidisciplinary festival whose main objective is to demonstrate and empower various forms of art and feminine discourse from perspectives that are feminist, Afro and non-normative. For more information about participation and submitting proposals, see
Call for Participants Flyer

The US Women and Cuba Collaboration protests in the strongest terms the misinformed and unjust IRS proposal to revoke the 501c3 tax exempt status of IFCO/Pastors for Peace. We hold the work of IFCO in highest regard as a model for our own related work to build bridges with the people of Cuba.
The Collaboration stands in solidarity with IFCO and urges all members of our Collaboration to add their voices of support to IFCO.
Background and Overview of 4 Actions You Can Take
Sign IFCO Petition at change.org
Contact Elected Officials: US Senators and US Representatives
Write to the IRS
Talking Points
Collaboration Statement of Support

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    Take Cuba Off the List of State Sponsors of Terrorism
    LAWG/MoveOn Petition
    Cuba is Not A Sponsor of Terrorism

    For the Freedom of ALL the Cuban 5
    Take Action the 5th of Each Month
    Information, Background, Actions
    Collaboration Letter to Fernando Gonzalez on his release from prison

    Ratify CEDAW Without RUDs
    CEDAW Task Force
    NOW (National Organization for Women) CEDAW Organizing Kit
    Janet Benshoof on CEDAW RUDs
    Martha Davis on CEDAW RUDs
    Dara Richardson, "No More Backsliding"


    World March of Women Newsletter
    See current and previous editions here.

    Mariela Castro Points to Progress on LGBTQ Rights in Cuba

    Cuban Women's Electoral Victories

    The Empowerment of Cuban Women

    Poll Shows the Changing Dynamics of Cuban American Miami

    Maestra, Catherine Murphy's documentary about women of the 1961 Cuban Literacy Project, is now available from Women Make Movies.
    Order Maestra, narrated by Alice Walker
    Maestra Website
    Two-minute Trailer
    Eight-minute Promo

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    Our mission is to build a strong US women's movement dedicated to ending the US government blockade of Cuba and to creating mutually beneficial US–Cuba relations; our work is rooted in the concept of universal human rights, racial and economic justice, and women's rights.


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